Letter from Robert Stephenson to Samuel Smiles

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Correspondence from Robert Stephenson to Samuel Smiles
Stephenson, Robert

Letter dated at 34 Gloucester Square 26 March 1856. Letter starts with 'My dear Sir, Mr Joseph Pease informs me that his "Accident in Mines" Report is paper 603 Session 1835. If you do not succeed in getting it before Parliament meets after the Holy[?], I will try my hand'. Includes a mention 'I have a friend staying with me who has some good anecdotes regarding my father. They travelled together a great deal in Belgium and kept a copious journal.' Mentions deeds of purchase of 'land referred to and found that the purchase was made in August 1823 and I am certain the Factory was in active operation early in 1824, for I left England for Columbia in June of that year, having finished drawing the designs of the R[?]ton Stationary Engine for the Stockton and Darlington Railway before I left. I returned in December 1827 and thenceforward devoted myself to develope my father's ideas connected with Locomotive Engines.'

'Factory' refers to Robert Stephenson & Co opened in 1823.


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