Drawing office miscellaneous data and routine

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Papers of Sir Barnes Neville Wallis

The original file was marked Mr Wallis and titled ‘Drawing office miscellaneous data and routine’. Contains a typed index which lists the following categories: Aluminium; Atmosphere; Coslettizing; Chafing; Calculations; Duralumin; Drawings; Engines; Eyes; Gasbags and outer covers; Gear teeth; Hydrogen; Humidity; Height characteristics; One part drawings; Propeller testing machine; Pins; Purity; Rarer elements; Rejected work; Regulation sheets; Rivets; Steels; Section letters; Spars; Stresses; Springs; Schelling; Trials; Wheel teeth; Wires; Wire fastenings; Works. The specifications, instructions and procedures, arranged alphabetically, include:

- Standard data for airship calculations issued by the Air Council, January 1921

- Routine chart for admiralty drawing, showing the order of processes which needs to be followed

- Document entitled ‘Manufacture of gasbags and outer covers for rigid airships’, dated 09/04/1918

- Handwritten notes entitled ‘Decisions given by Mr Wallis re new system’

- Vickers Limited Airship drawing Office regulation, routine and data sheets, issued to all Draughtsmen

- Airships trials division of duties

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