R100 calculations

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Papers of Sir Barnes Neville Wallis

Reports, notes, drawings and memos about development of the R100. Includes:

- Internal memos addressed to Barnes Wallis

- 12 page report entitled ‘The design of transverse frames’

- Nine page report entitled ‘Stressing of rigid airship R100’

- A number of blueprint drawings and figures

- Notes and drawings about longitudinal girders

- Three page report of modifications to the strength of R100, dated 27 September 1926

- Report on tests on variable gear held on 11 April 1928

- Report on deflections of the zeppelin tail structure

- Three page report on deflated gasbag loads in R100 transverse frames

- Three page report on R100 apertures in the outer cover and accompanying figure drawings

- Notes on factors of safety in the passenger coach structure

- 18 page summary of tests carried out at Leeds university, dated 16 May 1928

- Handwritten drawings and calculations


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