Landing and mooring gear for rigid airships

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Papers of Sir Barnes Neville Wallis

File titled ‘Vickers patent landing and mooring gear for rigid airships. Reports, etc.’ housed in original file. The file is split into three sections, each of which has been indexed by Barnes Wallis with each item individually numbered according to the index.

- Section I - Miscellaneous: includes a draft of a proposed article on airships and mooring and Barnes Wallis’ pencil notes on the history of mooring

- Section II sub-section A: Reports: includes notes on trials carried out in 1919 with the Vickers patent landing and mooring gear for rigid airships

- Section II sub-section B: Reports: Includes copy of the contract for the supply and erection of an airship mooring mast at the RAF station, Howden; original scale diagram and drawing of Vickers’ mooring mast; report from a conference held at Vickers on 2 February 1918 regarding the mooring of S.S. and rigid airships; notes from a conference held on 27 June 1919 regarding tests and trials to be carried out on R.24 at the Royal Naval Airship Station at Pulham St. Mary, Norfolk; various graphs, reports, photographs and correspondence relating to R.24 trials held in late 1919

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