Burney airship scheme

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Papers of Sir Barnes Neville Wallis

Reports and correspondence concerning the Burney airship scheme. Includes:

- Document entitled ‘Proposed auxiliary airship fleet’, presented to the Admiralty in August 1922 by Burney, Vickers and the Shell Transport and Trading Company. The combined organisation proposed taking over all airships and their bases from the government, building a fleet of the latest type of airships and instigating a bi-weekly service to India with an extension to Australia

- 11 page report on Burney's airship scheme, which includes technical and financial considerations

- Full financial analysis for the bi-weekly service to India

- Diagrammatic representations of both British and German associated airship companies

- Correspondence with Commander Burney and Ernst Lehmann of Zeppelin

- Barnes Wallis’ handwritten calculations about the proposed scheme

- Two copies of a five page co-operation agreement between the German Holding Company and the British Holding Company , one of which has been annotated by Barnes Wallis


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