Mooring gear for non-rigid airships

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Papers of Sir Barnes Neville Wallis

File titled ‘Mooring gear for non-rigid. Reports, etc.’ housed in original file. The file is split into four sections, each of which has been indexed by Barnes Wallis with each item individually numbered according to the index.

- Section I - Miscellaneous: includes report on the demonstration of mechanical handling of rigid airship R.26 conducted on 11 September 1918

- Section II – Preliminary experiments: includes report into the wrecking of S.S.34 on 5 May 1917 following mooring experiments; general reports on airship mooring experiments carried out at Barrow in 1917

- Section III – Proposal I: report into the deflating of the airship known as Proposal I on 6 March 1918

- Section IV – Proposal II: reports into various mooring gear experiments held at Barrow in 1918; letter dated 6 November 1918 confirming that the mast mooring system can now be adopted

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