Miscellaneous airship reports

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Papers of Sir Barnes Neville Wallis

Miscellaneous calculations, correspondence, papers and reports. Includes:

- List of man hours put into the R34

- Abstract of a paper entitled ‘Notes on seaplane design’, given on 12 December 1924 at the Institution of Aeronautical Engineers

- Copy of a paper entitled ‘The development of the airship with special reference to transport’, given by Commander Burney at the Institution of Naval Architects on 10 April 1924

- Report into and two photographs depicting damage caused to the Shenandoah in a crash in January 1924

- Five page report titled ‘A scheme to assist aerial and other navigation under conditions of low visibility’

- Correspondence regarding hakol gas from heavy fuel oil

- Ten page report on a visit to Pulham and Bedford on 2 October 1923, including reports on R33, R36 and R37

- Correspondence regarding airship fabric

- Ten page document entitled ‘The development of the airship’

- Nine page report on an Airship Guarantee Co. Ltd. visit to Farnborough on 22 July 1925


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