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Papers of Sir Barnes Neville Wallis

Various documents about the R100, including:

- Specifications for the R100 as on 3 February 1926

- Rigid airship 27-L – weights

- Details on experimental work carried out in connection with R100

- Criteria of design of R100 airship

- Report on shed clearances of R100 in relation to contract requirements

- Comparison of heat energy consumed per passenger mile in RMS Orama and R100

- Resistance coefficients of 1/240th scale airship model M19, including two figure drawings

- National Physical Laborary report entitled ‘Experiments on a model of the rigid airship R100’, including five figure drawings

- R100 weight distribution chart

- Report entitled ‘Vickers Limited lighter-than-air craft’

- Tabular statement of D.O. work done since 1 July 1925

Also includes a loose document entitled 'R100 - fins'.

The original file has also been retained


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