Film - Overseas Representatives Tour of Near East

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Cantlie, Kenneth

Black and white and colour silent film made by the Locomotive Manufacturers Association (LMA) in the early 1950s.

The footage is edited for viewing by audience and contains text captions on featured countries and cities. Includes footage from locations throughout the journey from Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria etc. The VHS cassette case contains a hand-written list of places (attached). Film includes a scene with unidentified dignitaries at an unveiling of a British war monument in Greece, possibly the statue of Athena in Pedion tou Areos park in Athens, most likely made between 1950-1952 (Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip visited Greece in 1950 but it is not certain they are featured in the footage).

This VHS cassette is a transfer from a film copy, possibly made in the 1980s.


22 mins 15 seconds on 1 VHS magnetic tape
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