Draft articles, talks and correspondence regarding Chinese trade and British manufacturing

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Cantlie, Kenneth

Folder containing correspondence and typed and hand-written drafts for various articles by Kenneth Cantlie. Topics include Britain's political situation and Kenneth Cantlie's views on joining EEC (European Economic Community) in 1970s, political and economic review of Middle East, railways in Australia, draft of a talk on Sun-Yat Sen, the atom bomb, manuscript titled 'From Istambul to Paris by the Simplon-Orient Express' (1950s-1960s: pages of the manuscript are also in other folders), notes on railway electrification in Britain, Kenneth Cantlie's notions on 'the overseas British', notes for a talk in Manchester regarding Kenneth Cantlie's work at Crewe Workshops, a manuscript titled 'Hassan the Demon Cat', draft notes on 'European unity' and various hand-written and typed drafts on articles regarding British manufacturing and promoting exports titled 'British Methods in the Past', 'Situation Today', Grouping of Railways etc. Correspondents include English Electric, UK government's Central Office of Information on Australian railways, Brian Crozier on Chiang Kai-shek and book 'Man who lost China' and Manchurian railways, Horace Kadoorie (letters 1972-1979), The Times on 'silly season' and the British Railways 'Modernisation Plan, Diesel locomotives, etc., Howard N. Sun, a descendant of Sun Yat-Sen requesting information on the late president of China, LNWR Society on Crewe Dinner and meetings, a bundle of correspondence on concrete railway sleepers with various recipients (1972; see ESCAP conference papers), a copy letter to Dr Sun regarding EEC and China (1972), Bournemouth Railway Club on talk given by Kenneth Cantlie and subsequent questions from public regarding Peking-Taku Railway line (1973), P.C. Allen (later Sir Peter Allen) on photographs and negatives on Chinese railways (1963), copy letters to recipients in China including Sun Fo, regarding news from old friends and later the death of Sun Fo (1974), correspondence with researcher in University of Maryland regarding transfer of technology from West to China in 19th century. Also includes an article from Far East Trade titled 'China's Industries at first hand', an interview with Kenneth Cantlie (after 1959).


1 file with approx. 160 pages

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