Notes and correspondence regarding machine imports with China National Transport Machinery Import Corporation

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Cantlie, Kenneth

Folder containing loose typed and hand-written correspondence, copy letters and notes regarding importing various railway, road and agricultural engines, ships and printing machinery to China. Kenneth Cantlie was acting as a representative of various western companies such as Lister, Brockhouse and Giesl through his own company Verity-Orient Ltd. Topics include promoting Jarrah sleepers to China (c 1970s); organisational chart draft titled 'Organisation of Chinese Democratic Govt, State Council' by Kenneth Cantlie's hand; annotated meeting minutes and correspondence with China National Transport Machinery Import Corporation and it's different sections such as Road Vehicles Bureau and Agricultural Machine Section, mainly with director R.M. Peng and Mr Wang Yao-Liang, regarding diesel and electric traction, wagons by Pressed Steel Co, Chinese Technical Railway Mission, Kenneth Cantlie's experience of Giesl ejector and promoting it to China and Britain, exporting wagons to Africa, Kenneth Cantlie's enquiries regarding Chinese locomotive crews, Wuhan Yangtse bridge and development of Chinese Railways for articles in British railway magazines such as the Railway Gazette and Diesel Railway Traction, Tractamount road rollers, Lewin road sweepers, Brockhouse motor cycles, trailers and instant starters, Lister fog producer, Monotype printing machinery with Latin alphabet and faults in Foreign Language Press Office's and China Printing Works Monotype machines (see glass plates), North British Locomotive Co. engines and British shipbuilding. During this period Cantlie was visiting Peking but mentions being invited back home to act as an expert witness in a court case against British Railways for a fire caused by a spark from a locomotive in several letters in 1958.


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