Reports on visits to China for associations Locomotive Manufacturers' Association and Federation of British Industries

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Kenneth Cantlie Archive
Cantlie, Kenneth

Original folder with inscription 'Visit 1958' containing typed reports of Kenneth Cantlie's visit in China 1957-1958. Including a transcript of an address given to the Federation of British Industries (FBI) 22nd January 1957; typed notes on trade, culture and political situation in China in 1950s; a report to the Locomotive and Allied Manufacturers Association (LAMA) based on Kenneth Cantlie's visits in August 1957 to February 1958 and containing a review of the political situation with a chart of the governmental structure, economy and development of railways in China; clippings from Hong Kong newspapers from February 1958 in Chinese and English reporting on Kenneth Cantlie's visit with a note from Sir Elly Kadoorie and Sons.


1 file with approx. 65 pages

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