Notes regarding Chinese railways and later additions

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Kenneth Cantlie Archive
Cantlie, Kenneth

Folder of hand-written notes from 1930s and additional material c 1980s. A printed list of members of Chinese Railway delegation from July 1984, a letter by David Bovaria regarding a book on Chinese Warlords, Peking 10th May 1983, a copied page of contents from a book of Chinese railways, two black and white photographs on Chinese passenger coaches with annotations metioning Tietsin station and railway exhibition in Canton 1964; latter part of the folder is hand-written notes by Kenneth Cantlie including Kenneth Cantlie's notes on comparing British, Indian and overseas locomotive design (6 pages), loose notes on sending a delegation to China, the war and still operational railway routes (most likely written during the Japanese occupation which started in 1937), notes written on Caledonian club stationery mentioning the Kuomintang and 'economic imperialism', notes on bridge design on China Ministry of Railways stationery, calculations on horse power mentioning 4-8-8's.


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