Notes and session papers relating to the Economic and Social Committee for Asia and the Pacific conference

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Cantlie, Kenneth

Folder of documents regarding the ESCAP (United Nations' Economic and Social Committee for Asia and the Pacific) Railway Group meeting 1974. Contains a bundle and loose hand-written notes on the meetings by Kenneth Cantlie; a copy of a report on ESCAP Delhi Conference 1969 by C.A. Langley, Ukras Consultants Ltd; a copy of a report regarding the United Nations Economic and Social Council, Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East (ECAFE; later ESCAP), Railway Committee Conference, Bangkok 1969 titled 'Techno-Economic Aspects of Different Types of Motive Power' (steam, diesel, electric); a memorandum titled 'The Trans-Asian Railway and the State Railway of Thailand' by the State Railway of Thailand, September 1974; an ESCAP session paper on economic assessment of railway relocation, 1974; an ESCAP session paper on improvement of vacuum braking systems, 1974; a paper on Iranian State Railways; paper on Keretapi Tanah Melayu Jabatan Kejuruteraan Jentera Bengkel Sentul (Malayan Railways Sentul Workshop Machinery Engineering Department), Sentul Works and staff; session paper on new trends in motive power and rolling stock, including gas turbines and linear motor; a list of ESCAFE (ESCAP) delegates and their designated coaches and cabins on Malayan Night Mail Train Butterworth-Kuala Lumpur 27th September 1974 with information on railway network; a list of participants to ESCAP conference 1974; daily agendas for ESCAP conference between 18th - 24th September 1974; a session paper from the ECAFE (later ESCAP) 1952 conference, Bandung, Indonesia, on the economic use of firewood in steam locomotives (40 pages).


1 file with approx. 210 pages

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