Specifications, articles and calculations relating to the 4-8-4 locomotive

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Cantlie, Kenneth

Original hard cover file annotated 'China Letter to Min of Rlys'. Contains a bundle of diagrams and calculations of load and speed etc. of different engines, including 4-8-8, Royal Scot, Mikado, LNER [London & North Eastern Railway] engines, Lipetz formulas [tractive effort of steam engines?] for 2-8-2, 4-4-2 and 4-6-2; typed and hand-written drafts relating to tractive effort and locomotive design in China (written early 1980s); name list of individuals relating to Chinese railways including technicians, engineers, management, Ministry of Railway and academics; a bundle of photocopied articles from Steam Railway magazine 1981 and Kenneth Cantlie's typed draft response to a question from 'Mr. Spark' regarding choosing the 4-8-4 type for Canton-Hankow line; a bundle of hand-written notes and calculations with title ' 4-8-4 As built and as proposed' (possibly 1930s). Folded page from 'Modern Transport 27.3.1937 with an article of Southern Railway 4-6-0 engine and Vulcan Foundry advert displaying the 4-8-4 locomotive with annotations possibly by Kenneth Cantlie.


1 file with approx. 60 pages

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