Notes and drafts for articles and letters on locomotive and carriage design, war in China, Dr Sun Yat-Sen and Sir James Cantlie

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Cantlie, Kenneth

Folder containing typed and hand-written notes and drafts to various articles, including the kidnapping of Sun Yat-Sen in London 1896 and drafts to a biography of Sir John Cantlie, Kenneth Cantlie's father; locomotive design, boiler steam reduction, draft article for Daily Telegraph on safety of steel and wooden coaches (1938); several drafts to an article titled 'Some proposals to improve the demand for locomotives of British design and build, in overseas markets' (possibly 1950s); repair cost calculations regarding Canadian Pacific Railway; Great Western Railway electrification; a draft titled 'Lined journal bearings for rolling stock'; a copy letter to Chinese Government by Kenneth Cantlie offering to return a Remington Typewriter on the termination of work contract (1938); a bundle of hand-written notes and drafts for letters mentioning the capture of Canton, Caprotti Gear, slip tests, weight calculations, London & North Eastern Railway (LNER), etc.; loose notes and letter drafts on war and Kenneth Cantlie travelling to Britain in 1937; a bundle on typed notes titled 'Staff' regarding work culture and employment conditions on Chinese railway in 1930s; two bundles of hand-written notes on Kenneth Cantlie's thoughts on war between Japan and China; a copy of Chinese Government Purchasing Commission annual report 1946, London; copy letters on Kenneth Cantlie's request for leave of absence from the Board of Trustees, Nanking 1937; a bundle of hand-written note on locomotive design mentioning GWR and boilers.


1 file with approx. 123 pages

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