Draft articles by Kenneth Cantlie relating to China, Suez Canal and Women's liberation

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Cantlie, Kenneth

Folder containing various hand-written and typed article drafts by Kenneth Cantlie. Topics include the Suez Canal (possibly written during the Suez crisis in 1956); a typed poem from the Railway Gazette titled 'Prospect' by A.B.; a typed article by Kenneth Cantlie relating to the historical animosities between Japan and China and the Manchurian railway mentioning Kenneth Cantlie's Chinese servant Chang who followed the family to London in 1937; a partial letter to Sir Frederic Leith-Ross regarding trade missions to China, the Borodin mission to Canton and Kenneth Cantlie being a member of Kuomingtang; draft article titled 'China' by Kenneth Cantlie on China's history, culture, war in 1930s; typed note on arranging Chinese railway operations during war time; correspondence British Consulate-General in Nanking regarding Kenneth Cantlie travelling back to Britain with his pregnant wife and the birth of a baby boy 23rd April 1937, Sun Yat-Sen's book 'Kidnapped in London'; typed notes on China-Japan war and relationship; partial copy letter from Kenneth Cantlie to unknown friend in Nanking mentioning the Coronation preparations, Chinese Embassy and Ambassador Quo Tai-chi, Sir Alexander and S.B.C.A; bundle of notes titled 'Women's Lib.', some on the back of a Conservative Commonwealth document dated in 1979; a bundle of hand-written notes titled 'Finance'.


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