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Cantlie, Kenneth

Two original folders with annotations by Kenneth Cantlie, loose papers and a printed publication titled Rates of Pay and Conditions of Service of Railway Employees, 1938 by National Union of Railwaymen. Papers comprise of hand-written notes, calculations, graphs, draft letters and blueprints regarding bridge loading of different locomotives. First folder is titled 'Bridge Loading' in possibly Kenneth Cantlie's hand which contains a blueprint of loading dimensions & design ratios of passenger express engine, hand-written notes and designs of passenger carriages, Cooper bridge loading calculations, hand written notes regarding bridge calculations for Knipp 2-10-2 and Belgian 2-10-2 for Tientsin [Tianjin]-Pukou railway and Lunghai [Longhai] Railway and hand-written notes on LNER [London & North Eastern Railway] B12 part 3 4-6-0 tender, dated 24th April 1934 and 31st October 1934. Loose papers comprise of hand-written calculations of loading including 4-8-4 locomotive, mostly written on the back of typed documents or drafts regarding Chinese Railway topics and two blueprints of passenger cars and a 4-8-4 balance diagram for Yueh Han Railway mention Vulcan Foundry as contractor. Second folder with Chinese characters and annotation by hand '4-8-4 Bridge Loading', possibly by Kenneth Cantlie contains hand-written notes and graphs regarding 4-8-4 locomotive, Ottoman Railway locomotive, draft letters from 1951-1952 regarding Kenneth Cantlie's interest to stand for Parliament as a Conservative representative addressed to John Hare, calculations on rail loading, notes containing mentions of LNER and Cooper engines. Mostly undated notes, c 1934-1952.


1 file with approx. 93 pages

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