Correspondence, notes and drafts relating to China's railways, rolling stock and the Japanese occupation

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Cantlie, Kenneth

Folder containing loose hand-written and typed notes, drafts, calculations and correspondence relating to railways and the Japanese occupation in China in 1937, some dated in Chungking where the majority of the governmental departments and organisations were relocated from Nanking at the beginning of the hostilities. Technical notes on qualities of different metals used on railways; a bundle of calculations on value of rolling stock, rails, stations and bridges; a bundle titled 'Vestibules' containing hand-written specifications and drawings of carriages (10 pages); letters from Kenneth Cantlie's friends (unclear signatures): 4th December 1937, Wanhsien (Bank of China stationery) and 10th February 1938 Shanghai (the British Embassy stationery), depicting the destruction of war in China and Nanking and Kenneth Cantlie's possessions; a bundle of correspondence from the Indemnity Fund Board of Trustees and associated organisations receiving funding such as Pei-Yang University (1937-1938 Hankow, Nanking, Chungking) containing cover letters for annual reports and meeting minutes, emergency circulars and correspondence regarding Kenneth Cantlie's leave, the Fund's actions during war and letters from universities ; an annotated copy of the minutes of Sino-British Cultural Association 28th April 1939, Chungking; a train ferry operating graph 1933-1936; a copy of a locomotive diagram with English annotations; hand-written calculations and drafts, some illustrated with a child's drawings (possibly Hugh Cantlie); various copy letters by Kenneth Cantlie addressed to international railway companies in India, Iraq, Ceylon and Madras seeking to obtain travel passes and tickets on a journey to China, dated 7th October 1937; a bundle of typed and annotated notes on rehabilitation of China's railways, most likely for a lecture given at the China Society, London 7th May 1937 (passages from notes have been reprinted in Kenneth Cantlie's publication 'Some Aspects of the Rehabilitation of China's Railways, 1937, based on this lecture); a bundle of typed notes titled 'Comments on Proposed Standard Specification for Locomotives' referring to Chinese locomotives, mentioning 4-8-4s and is most likely intended as comments to document 'Proposed Standard Specification for Locomotives' (December 1934); loose hand-written notes and calculations on Ministry of Railways stationery mentioning, boiler tube expander, sleepers and 40 ton wagons.


1 file with approx. 142 pages

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