Draft articles and notes relating to China's railways, Sun Yat-Sen and Sir James Cantlie

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Kenneth Cantlie Archive
Cantlie, Kenneth

Original folder with Chinese characters and annotation by Kenneth Cantlie's hand ' Articles'. Contains loose typed and hand-written drafts and notes with annotations for various articles on China by Kenneth Cantlie. Topics including the Mukden incident and Japanese occupation of Manchuria and parts of China in 1930s and League of Nations (written after 1936); foreword to a book on the capture of Sun Yat-Sen in London 1896 (written 1937); typed draft of a biography of Sir James Cantlie with annotations (possibly by different authors); hand-written notes and personal anecdotes on history of political relationships of China, Russian and Japan; a printed map of Canton Kowloon Railway.

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1 file with approx. 84 pages

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