Notes and drafts for articles and speeches on China's industry and trade

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Cantlie, Kenneth

Original folder with inscription 'China: notes and stats' containing typed and hand-written notes and drafts with annotations of articles, lectures and speeches by Kenneth Cantlie for various organisations Federation of British Industries (FBI) mainly referring to the development of Chinese railways, industry, trade and Chinese work culture. Titles include 'Industry in Modern China', 'Policy for China' for Conservative party, 'Impressions of China Today' for Allied Circle on 7th March 1957 including a list of courses at Wuchang Institute of Technology, a draft titled 'Comments' depicting flying over Yellow River to Nanking (also hand-written version), notes prepared for a conversation with M.E. Tan of the Committee for the promotion of Foreign Trade and also notes on the discussions had during the meeting on 13th November 1956; typed list titled 'Factories Visited' in locations such as Changchun, Fushun, Tientsin, Shanghai, Dairen with typed description of the trip titled 'November 29th' with annotations by Kenneth Cantlie (both also as hand-written versions), notes and stats on Hankow Bridge, description of a visit to Canton export exhibition titled 'December 5th (1956)' and a printed brochure. Hand-written notes for a speech referring to memories of Dr Sun Yat-Sen, possibly for the 90th birthday celebrations, dated November 1956; hand-written notes on Sun Yat-Sen's 90th birthday commemorative celebrations including a list of people attending; includes a list of photographs, possibly for a speech, printed Hsinhua News Agency release 14th November 1956 with various topics including commemoration speech for Sun Yat-Sen's 90th birthday celebration.


1 file with approx. 91 pages

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