Correspondence, notes and calculations on Chinese locomotives

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Cantlie, Kenneth

Folder containing two newsletters, one notebook and 46 pages including magazine, articles, correspondence and notes relating to Chinese locomotives. Including a reprint from the Railway Engineer of 2-8-2 locomotives for China, 1933; National Railway Museum correspondence with Robert Adley on publication of book 'To China for Steam'; Correspondence and newsletters from the Friends of the National Railway Museum on an argument on Webb compounds (1983); a bundle of notes on Chinese locomotives including graphs on pull-speed and horsepower curves (1965); a notebook containing hand-drawn graphs on fuel consumption & Giesel ejector, pull power of various locomotives including British Railways, road and rail freight-ton mileage etc.; a bundle of typed notes titled 'Further notes on Diesel Locomotive Economics' with name H.F. Brown (1960); a bundle of calculations and graphs on diesel locos, Chinese 2-10-2's, Chinese Railways comparative tractive efforts, etc.


1 file with 3 items, 46 pages

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