Correspondence, contracts and references relating to Kenneth Cantlie's career in China and India

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Cantlie, Kenneth

Original folder with annotation 'Kenneth Cantlie's Contract with Ch. Govt. 1937' containing correspondence and official documents regarding Kenneth Cantlie's career in China and India. Correspondence and copy letters by Kenneth Cantlie with the Chinese Ministry of Railways on renegotiating Kenneth Cantlie's contract with the ministry (1936 -Feb 1937); personal letter to 'L' 1935 (ends with greeting 'Sokholoff!'); correspondence with the Jodphur Railway regarding Provident Fund payments (1933); a certificate of issue and posting up of notice of marriage between Kenneth Cantlie and Phyllis Gage-Brown 27th March 1931, Nanking Consul-General; Kenneth Cantlie's contract with Chinese Ministry of Railways 24th June 1930 (24th day, sixth month, 19th year of the Republic of China), signed by Kenneth Cantlie and Sun Fo, including regulations for foreign employees; correspondence with Messires Sandberg on blueprints of drawings; correspondence and telegrams with British and Chinese Corporation, Ministry of Railways of China and Dr Sun Fo regarding Kenneth Cantlie's application (including a resume and references) and offer of appointment with Ministry of Railways, Kenneth Cantlie's delay on travelling due to medical issues (1929-1930); Correspondence with the Jodphur Railway (1929) regarding mutual death benefit fund, Kenneth Cantlie's outstanding bills and leave allowances due to resignation, a personal letter from a colleague 30th August 1929.


1 file with approx. 120 pages

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