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Cantlie, Kenneth

Original folder with Chinese inscriptions containing correspondence, notes and articles relating to China's railways, most likely created after Kenneth Cantlie returned from Nanking to London. Includes newspaper clippings of published articles by Kenneth Cantlie, hand-written notes and other research carried out possibly for the published articles between 1937-1939 in Daily Telegraph, Railway Gazette, Modern Transport etc. Topics include the collision on Chinese Railways; locomotive, coach and Chinese Railways development; steel and wood coach safety controversy; British locomotive design; London Transport; biography of Sir James Cantlie; a Hong Kong pharmacy prescription for 'Mr Cantlee'. Drafts and notes for Kenneth Cantlie's publication 'Some aspects of the rehabilitation of China's Railways (1937, see CANT/5). Seven blank envelopes of different sizes imprinted with header 'Ministry of Railways, National Government, Republic of China'.


1 file with approx. 80 pages

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