Draft articles by Kenneth Cantlie on various topics relating to experiences in war-time Germany, working on Indian railways and British railways

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Cantlie, Kenneth

Folder containing various article drafts including titles such as 'What Would You Do, Chum?' on how to change Britain's railways; 'Mil Gov', 'A Day in the Life of a Mil Gov Officer' which are most likely referring to war years and Kenneth Cantlie's experiences in Germany as these are written on the back of blank forms originating from the Headquarters of the Military Government of North Rhine Province where Kenneth Cantlie served during the Second World War; article titled 'Naia Sahib' referring to Kenneth Cantlie's experiences in Jodphur, India, in 1920s, mentioning general Macpherson, Maharadja and era's attitudes to sex and accompanied by letters from 'A' in 1968 offering criticism to the stoy; short story titled 'Hay' referring to Colonel Hay, French troops and Astorga; a bundle of hand-written pages titled 'Thoughts'; a bundle of hand-written pages on railways.


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