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Original folder titled 'Overseas representative personal correspondence', 'From 12/1/55', 0/1A Section 2. Contains photographic prints, hand-written and typed notes, correspondence and draft letters by Kenneth Cantlie. Correspondents include Sir Frederick Leith Ross on issues of British locomotive export trade, Frank Kent mentioning the cold war; hand-written letters from Rody (Roderick Morrison, engineer) regarding locomotive 4-8-4's journey to York and a book on the locomotive (1981-1984), Brigadier Michael Calvert, Steward Cox B.T. Scales, Kenneth Cantlie's copy letter to Mr. Hamilton-Ellis on train design in Jodphur in 1920s, Alec Bishop on Archie Campbell's death; a bundle of correspondence with R.D. Morrison (Rody) discussing 4-8-4 locos still being manufactured in China (1972), Chinese, Indian and African railways, manufacturing wagons for Chinese, Giesl-ejectors, diesel engines, Kenneth Cantlie's trip to Nigeria, North British 4-6-2's; a bundle of correspondence with Mr. Hall regarding a book on armoured trains in warfare, specifically in China on 1920s and 1930s and Britain in 1940s, and Kenneth Cantlie's work in Germany during the First World War; a letter regarding Bulleid Society from Robin [?]idales; a bundle of correspondence with Mr. Nock [possibly S.O. Nock] regarding a book on North Western locos, the papers of H.W. Poyltney, Kenneth Cantlie's work with Giesl ejectors in East Africa and India, George Carpenter, Chapellon, Crewe dinner and training at LNWR [London & North Western Railway]; a bundle of correspondence with Charles A. Boyle, Sydney, (possibly Kenneth Cantlie's nephew) regarding Kenneth Cantlie's article on railways at war for 'Encyclopaedia of Railways', Conservative by-election win at Walsall and Workington in 1976 and Kenneth Cantlie's views on politics and news on family; single and partial letters by unknown senders; a copy letter from Kenneth Cantlie to the Argentinian railway regarding Elin-Union machines in Spanish; a bundle of correspondence with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer British Studios regarding consultation done by Kenneth Cantlie on Chinese railways and Shanghai station in 1927 China for film 'Man's Fate' (withdrawn from production, letters dated 1968-1969); a copy letter and notes to Railway Engineering Journal regarding steel castings in railway engineering by Kenneth Cantlie; a copy letter to Neil Marten MP regarding Kenneth Cantlie's opposition on Britain joining the E.E.C.; a copy of the Peter Le Neve Foster lecture 'Our Transport Heritage' by Sir Peter Allen (15th January 1975), offprint from the Journal of the Royal Society of Arts; a bundle of correspondence with G. Satow, Locomotion Trust, regarding Cornwall and Locomotion two locomotives, Trevithick's boiler, 150th celebrations, Crewe dinner; hand-written personal correspondence with various recipients on personal matters, politics and news on family and friends, including unknown sender (Ha[?]ill) regarding an invitation for Kenneth and Bruce to attend to Royal Academy's Turner exhibition (1974); a bundle of correspondence from John L. Hayward, Cambridge, including a recommendation and a brochure of a Heathway infra-red medical lamps for Kenneth Cantlie's 'pain' and writing a biography of his travels along the Yellow River, China, General Election (1974), a bundle of letters by the Foreign Office and Mr Forster of American Church Mission regarding Kenneth Cantlie's belongings left in in Nanking (dated 1940) including an itemised list in Chinese with English annotations; a bundle of correspondence with 'Sheila' from Rhodesia discussing British Technical Exhibition in Peking (1973) and letters from Lady Stella Bailey, Cape Town, John Ratten and S. Agarwal. Also includes partial typed notes on trip to China with '1956' annotation by hand, a brochure of Standard Type HT Stoker (1934), a copy of a Financial Times article on Indian railways (1976) and a bundle of typed notes, statistics and graphs on Chinese locomotives and correspondence with Railway Gazette on an article of the same topic. Also includes a single black and white photographic print of a steam ship. Inscription on reverse: 'S.S. Maruja Aurora once the River Clyde of the Gallipoli landing, photographed SS Sp[ain?] in 1964 by Nial Charlton [?]' referring to one of the steamers used in Gallipoli landing in First World War.


1 file with approx. 101 pages, 1 item

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