Calculations and technical data on locomotive boilers and horse power

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Kenneth Cantlie Archive
Cantlie, Kenneth

Folder of hand-written calculations and graphs; graphics on tubes and flutes, rolling resistance of wagons, tractive force, diesel locomotives; calculations on tractive force of GW [Great Western?] 0-6-0 engines, Turkish engines; a copy of a memorandum to the Austrian Federal Railways from Ministry of Transport 11th October 1954 regarding a Giesl oblong ejector patent; notes and calculations on piston speed; typed notes from American Locomotive Company Handbook regarding horse power calculations; typed notes on calculating locomotive dimensions; hand-written notes on boiler cylinder horse power and resistance on Chinese Ministry of Railways stationery; drawing of blast cap shapes; notes titled 'Standardisation of locomotives' on the Purchasing Commission of the Ministry of Railways stationery; notes and calculations on journal sizes of various locomotives, counterbalancing, evaporation, calculations for grate and gas area etc.; typed copy of 'Testing Locomotives' (see previous folder) and 'Calculations from the foregoing data'.


1 file with approx. 72 pages

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