Financial documents and related correspondence with British and Chinese banks, Locomotive Manufacturers' Association and Locomotive and Allied Manufacturers' Association pension funds, War Office, China Ministry of Railways and other organisations

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Kenneth Cantlie Archive
Cantlie, Kenneth
Locomotive Manufacturers' Association
Locomotive and Allied Manufacturers' Association

Folder containing financial documents relating to Kenneth Cantlie's pensions, bank accounts, shareholdings and taxation including Locomotive and Allied Manufacturers' Association (LAMA) superannuation fund certificates (1957) and related correspondence including correspondence relating to the termination of Kenneth Cantlie's appointment; correspondence with Westminster Bank Ltd; National Insurance documents; Inland Revenue tax documents; account statements from the Imperial Bank of India, New Delhi; a copy letter by Kenneth Cantlie from Belgrade to 'Archie' (possibly Archie Campbell) in 1952 describing developments in Yugoslavia; correspondence and receipts of membership payments relating to the Association of Locomotive Engineers; correspondence with the Asiatic Society; Locomotive Manufacturers' Association (LMA) superannuation fund and life assurance certificates (1951); correspondence with Westminster Bank, Elizabeth Campbell, 'Archie' and Phyllis Cantlie regarding a loan of 100 pounds for Colonel J.A. Campbell (Archie Campbell, Kenneth Cantlie's C.O. in the army and a family friend) relating to a court case involving Elizabeth Campbell and Marshall Andrews (1950); correspondence with Associated Locomotive Engineering regarding transfer of shares and payment of fees to Kenneth Cantlie; correspondence with National Provincial Bank Ltd and Phyllis Cantlie on traveller's cheques; correspondence with stock brokers and Phyllis Cantlie on Consolidated Gold Fields of South Africa stocks (1948); list of securities held by National Provincial Bank Ltd. for Phyllis Cantlie, including shares of railway companies, Caprotti Valve, Shell, tobacco companies, Guinness and various other companies (20th May 1948); a share certificate from New York Bronx and Wyoming Railway company to Kenneth Cantlie (1948); documents relating to Kenneth Cantlie's service in the army during the Second World War including travelling, living and pay allowances, post war certificates, some addressed to 'Germany Under Control' Exhibition site in London were Kenneth Cantlie was stationed in 1946; correspondence with solicitor J.F. Bennett and a copy of Kenneth Cantlie's will, dated 2nd October 1942; correspondence with Lloyds Bank Ltd regarding army pay rates; correspondence and certificates regarding to the transfer of United Tin areas of Nigeria shares and War Loan registered stock (1940); Verity Limited shares (1938-1939); correspondence relating to the return of Kenneth Cantlie's servant Chang from London to Hong Kong (December 1937); correspondence and accounts from Shanghai Commercial and Savings Bank, Nanking branch (1936-1936); correspondence with Ministry of Railways, China, regarding contributing a portion of salaries towards Government bonds and famine relief (undated, 1936/7).


1 file with approx. 230 pages

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