Correspondence and statements relating to Kenneth Cantlie's compensation claim to the Japanese Government

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Cantlie, Kenneth

Folder containing correspondence and witness statements relating to a compensation claim by Kenneth Cantlie from the Government of Japan. Cantlie's family home at 55 Ing Yang Ing, Nanking, was destroyed during the Japanese occupation in 1937-1941, an event often referred to as the 'China incident' or Sino-Japanese hostilities in the material. Correspondents include the Foreign Office, Westminster Bank Ltd, solicitor J.F. Bennett, Sir Humphrey Prideaux-Brune and various Westerners living in Nanking at the time and providing witness statements to support Cantlie's case, such as Colonel W.A. Lovat Frazer (he had rented Cantlie's house in 1937), wife Phyllis Cantlie, Sir Robert Howe, Sir Frederick Leith-Ross, Rupert Somerville and Cantlie's former Chinese butler Chang Ah Yu (Chang followed the family to England in 1937, later returning to Nanking and working for W.A. Lovat Frazer). Folder includes a hand-written list of the contents of the house written by Kenneth Cantlie. Cantlie's Rolls Royce is also mentioned in correspondence with Lovat Frazer, although other correspondence in the archive collection dating back to 1937-1938 suggests it might have been sold by a friend in Nanking. Folder contains a letter to Phyllis Cantlie relating to Japanese bonds she held during the war from Trading with the Enemy Department (1948).


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