Price list of Paris-St Germain Railway 1834, Price list of Parisian Municipal Railway c. 1830

Accounts of Paris-Orleans Railway (Paris-Corbeil section), including receipts and expenses, log of distance covered, freight transported and number of travellers 1842

Valuations of stations on Paris-Rouen line, including detailed estimate of Poissy station, ‘Mr Hay’s original estimate for the 1st class station’, estimate of the Poissy contract 1844

Contract for maintenance of permanent way of Lancaster & Preston Junction Railway, between John Miller, engineer and the Lancaster & Preston Railway Company 26 Jun. 1841, Details of works on Batignolles station 11 Apr. 1844

Copy of contract to alter the gauge of the Glasgow-Greenock & Coatbridge and the Wishaw & Coltners Railways, between J. Walker and the Caledonian Railway Company 15 Jan. 1847

Report on the Locomotive power for London & South Western Railway by John T Gooch, including valuation of engines, table of running expenses, repairs carried out on trains and date when South Western Lines were opened 1 Jul. 1850

Unsigned tender and contract for the maintenance of the rolling stock and the working of the traffic of the North Staffordshire Railway, annotated in pencil, no date

Report of locomotive and carriage-making and repairing in the Central Railway and Scottish Midland Railway for the half year Jun.– December 1849

Specification of works to be executed in the office of the station at Maisons Lafitte, Seine & Oise, Paris-Rouen Line, no date



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