Notebook of Samuel Barton Worthington

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Worthington, Samuel Barton (1820-1915, railway civil engineer)

This notebook appears to have been used by S. B. Worthington as a commonplace book, but it also contains a cash account of 1815 which presumably refers to another family member. The notebook has been used from both sides. The front is marked “1807 Lectures Revd. R. Aspland at Gravel Pit Meeting, 1833-5 Sundry notes chemical &c. S. B. W.” and the first page is marked “S. Barton Worthington Feby. 1st 1833.” It contains the following:Lectures to the young attending the Gravel Pit meeting, by the Revd. R. Aspland. 8 Nov. 1807.

Extracts from Goldsmith’s history of Rome (1 entry only) Grand Junction Railway (notes on the route, viaducts etc.) Railway from Lancashire to Glasgow (notes on the route) Pencil notes on various railway routes. The back cover is marked with a decorative design, and the inside cover and first page are both marked “S. B. Worthington.” This half of the book contains the following: Cash account, mainly for cloth, ribbons etc., Jun-Nov. 1815 Pencil notes and drawings on anatomy. List of the present rulers of Europe Extracts from Chemical Amusements by Frederick Accum



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