Legal agreement regarding transfer of land from Thomas Rudd to Joseph Claxton and Margaret Claxton at Corn Close

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Stamps on the reverse suggest it was from the time of King George IV.


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[1] Memorandum that on the twenty sixth day of April in the 3rd year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George now king of Great Britain and so forth came Joseph Claxton and Margaret his wife out of court at Stockton before Lancelot Hilton gentleman Steward and took of the Lord two acres of land more or less called Corn Close, lately in possession of Anthony Swainston, bounded on the East by land now or lately of Thomas Swainston, on the South and West by land of George Swainston, and on the North by the road leading to the Saltholme, now divided, In which Thomas Rudd Clerk therein having right, his whole right, estate, title, Claim, interest & demand has surrendered & quit Claimed into the hands of the Lord to the use & behoof of the aforesaid Joseph & Margaret to have to the same Joseph Claxton & Margaret his wife & their sequels in right according to the custom of the court rendering from then by the Year at the usual terms as first was wont to be rendered and doing to the Lord and the neighbours the services accustomed by pledge etc. and were thereupon admitted tenants

Excerpt by Jo: Mowbray
Deputy Clerk of the Halmot Court

[1] The words ‘Demise viij d' are written in the margin at this point in the text.
[1] M[emoran]dum q[uo]d vicesimo Sexto Die Aprilis Anno Regni D[omi]ni n[ost]ri Georgii nunc magne Britanie etc Regni Tertio ven[erunt] Josephus Claxton & Margareta ux[or] ejus extra Cur[iam] apud Stockton Coram Lanceloto Hilton gen[orosus] Sen[escal]lo Et ceper[un]t de d[omi]no duas acras terre Sive plus Sive minus vocat[a] Corne Close nup[er] in possession[em] Anth[oni]i Swainston abuttan[s] Sup[er] terre nunc vel nup[er] Thome Swainston ex p[ar]te oriental[i] terr[e] nup[er] Georgii Swainston ex p[ar]tibus austral[i] & occidental[i] ac viam ducen[s] ad Saltholme ex p[ar]te boreal[i] Sicut modo dividitur In quibus Thomas Rudd Cler[icus] inde h[ab]ens jus totu[m] jus Stat[u]m titlum Clam[eum] Interesse & Demand[aundem] Sua Sursum reddidit & quiet Clam[avit] in Manus D[omi]ni ad opus & usum p[re]d[ictorum] Josephi & Marg[are]te eisdem Josepho Claxton & Marg[are]te ux[or] ejus & Sequel[lis] suis in jure S[e]c[un]dum Consuetud[inem] Cur[ie] Redd[endo] inde per annum ad terminos usual[es] ut prius redd[ere] soleb[an]t & fac[iendis] D[omi]no & vicin[is] que incumb[un]t per pleg[ium] etc. et Sup[er]inde admissi Sunt inde Tenentes

Ex[cerptum p[er] Jo: Mowbray
Deput[ati] Cler[icus] Halm[ot]

[1] The words ‘Dimissio viij d' are written in the margin at this point in the text.

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26. Apr[ilis]. 3[illegible character]. Geo.
Thos. Rudd __ __ }
& }
Joseph Claxton & Marg. }
his Wife __ __ __ }
of Corn close
Uo. 10)

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