Cover page of indenture relating to lease and release by Thomas Kirton, Francis Reed, Edward Waldy, John Reeve, Thomas Smith and Frances Stapylton to Thomas Reed Ward, Leonard Robinson and John Rutter; and associated agreements and references to earlier leases/releases

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Whereas the within named John Rutter did by an Instrument in Writing under his Hand bearing
Date the fourteenth Day of November One thousand seven hundred and seventy two acknowlege and declare that the within Security was made and taken in his name In Trust for his Son in Law the within named Thomas Smith and that the Sum of five hundred and fifty pounds secured by the within written Indenture of Release and the Bargain and Sale for a Year therein recited or referred to was the proper Money of him the said Thomas Smith and whereas the said Principal Sum of Five hundred and fifty pounds still remains due and owing to the said Thomas Smith upon the said Security with Interest for the same from the Twenty seventh Day of December now be it known that the said Thomas Smith doth hereby acknowlege to have this Day received of Samuel Smith of Stockton in the County of Durham Gentleman only surviving Child of the within named Sarah Smith the Sum of Five hundred pounds of lawful Money of Great Britain in Satisfaction and Discharge of much of the said Principal Sum of Five hundred and fifty pounds due and owing to him the said Thomas Smith as before mentioned the Interest due for the same as aforesaid being still unsatisfied witness the hand of the said Thomas Smith this eighth Day of June One thousand seven hundred and seventy six.
Thomas Smith
Witnesses hereto and to
The Payment of the Money
Wm. Hoar
Bd. Hoar

Release of Leasehold to 3 Lives at
Stockton upon Several Trusts

12 June 1772
Tho. Kirton Fra. Reed Edwd. Waldy
John Reeve Tho. Smith Frances Stapylton

to } Release of Leasehold to 3 Lives
Stockton upon Several Trusts

Thomas Reed Ward Leonard Robinson
And John Rutter

The 3 Lives in the Bishops Lease above mentioned
George Wray Son of John Wray of Long Newton
William Wilkinson Son of John Wilkinson of Stockton Roper
Jeffrey Gibson Son of Jeffrey Gibson

1772 July 7
The above Lease was surrendered and a new Lease granted by the Bishop to Thos. Reed Ward of Over Dinsdale and Leonard Robinson the Elder of Stockton for the three Lives. (viz)

The said William Wilkinson aged then about - 50 years
The said Jeffrey Gibson aged then about - 38 years
Thomas Waldy Son of Edward Waldy of Yarm Mercht - aged 16

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