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much pleased. No ladies present, because I thought it would not interest them.

Have spent one night in looking over White’s papers.

The complaint referred to is generally at its worst about 4 or 5 in the afternoon, but I feel it more or less all day.

It is considerably less severe, when I am in the open air, & is generally worst when in a warm room.

Feb[ruar]y 7th. My complaint has varied in its symptoms.

Last Saturday, I went out to the Braggs at Lintz Green [4]: ground covered with snow on the Sunday we sledged to

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meeting at Shotley Bridge but were rather too heavy for the pony & so walked half the way.

On the Monday I was persuaded to stay & have a days [sic] skating at Woodlands we sledged over to Consett in the face of a strong wind & small snow which stung our faces like so much small shot, & if we opened our eyes it stung them & made them water as from the effects of a blow. Went over [to] Consett from works, & dined with John Dixon, & then continued our journey. When within about a mile of Woodlands, the sledge stuck against a large stone & broke down, obliging us

[4] The hamlet of Lintz Green is approximately 10 miles to the south-west of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Shotley Bridge is some five miles further in the same direction.

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