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had lost its water during the night & was leaking in the flue so we had to work with three. At 8 o’clock we got in the first load of the new coal, they look first rate, are so large that we have to break them. They make a splendid looking fire, & hardly any smoke even without the consuming apparatus. Have been making more regularity diagrams of the engines with different angles of the cranks, & find that the regularity would be considerably greater if the angle between the corresponding cranks(,) were 90° instead of 135°.

At 6 o’clock Robert got into the flue that was leaking, & attempted to caulk the place but one of the rivet holes had crack out. We put a lot of

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tar into the boiler & ground in the feed cock plug.

At 12 at night I started in Cook[’]s Moonlight Trip for Manchester.

Oct.9. Fr[iday]. I managed to sleep most of the way. We got in at about 7. I observed that most factory chimneys there smoked a good deal, before 6 o’clock, the same as ours, but when fairly under way they made about as much as we do. I met Philip Berkeley, R[ober]t Foster of Shields, Sam Waterfall, Frank Howitt MacDermot (Wilson’s traveller), A.D. & C Richardson of Beech Grove, & young J. Annandale at Manchester.

I managed to get 6½ hours in the Exhibition, went systematically thru’ & saw nearly

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