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a little vanity, which he cannot conceal.

Sept 21st Mond[ay]. Wilson stayed off from his work, ill. I set to work to draw out a new arrangement of the springs for the valves putting them outside. I had another bathe with Edwin & Arthur Pease, & another fill of peaches & plums. Went down to the Mill at 7 in the evening & was rather disappointed not to find Anderson putting in any of the valves.

Called on Mrs Thistlethwaite & chatted for half an hour. Mary Anne is a pretty girl but rather below par considering her as a lady. Her mamma will talk about young men as “young gentlemen”, which to a young man is very

[Page 49]

disgusting, for by young gentlemen, we generally mean little boys. I have found this before in persons(,) not much used to good society: they are afraid the term young man(,) is not sufficiently complimentary & so call you young gentleman & rile you awefully [sic].

Fallon has been in a queer state lately; he tells folks he is well in health but says he is mad & in conversation says he has had three fits lately, & thinks he is going to die. His eldest sister is in a decline, & I fancy this distresses him somewhat. When he has these low spirits(,) he does not try to revive them by going into society but mopes at home, “goes nowhere”

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