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over yonder.

An address was presented last week to old Edward Pease, by his Darlington admirers, in lieu of a statue which had been declined. [25]

This address called him the “Pioneer of peace” & told him that to him, more than to any hero in any age, the thanks of the nation was [sic] due. A very severe criticism appeared in the N.D. Express [26] complaining that this address was indecently fulsome, & also rapping at certain quaker tenets.

Mond[ay] Oc[tober] 26. Laid before Crow my report diagrams &c & gave him an account of my doings. I then saw Weallens, & did the same, leaving the papers to be looked over

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at his leisure.

I then went to the works & ordered all the things that were still wanted for Darl[ing]ton.

In the evening I began in earnest at my paper on the “North of England”. Having looked in vain for any books from which I could make extracts as heretofore, I was driven entirely to my own resources, & I found I could get on best by just taking a piece of paper & just writing whatever came into my head.

Tuesd[ay] 27. Started to draw a furnace for the new rivet making machine, & made it smoke consuming.

Thursday 29th. Mr Wright having taken out provisional protection for certain improved plans of his own, for

[25] The full text of the address may be found in the Durham Chronicle of 30 October 1857. Edward Pease recorded in his diary that it had been “a trying day” and the address was “quite too full and above all our services”, Alfred E Pease, The Diaries of Edward Pease (London 1907), p.347.

[26] The Northern Daily Express was established in Darlington in April 1855 and later relocated to Newcastle. It had the distinction of being the first penny daily in the provinces.

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