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house & had to come home in a cab. I had a fearful night of it; purging every half hour & vomiting occasionally. About 7 in the morning I sent for Brady who dosed me & I soon found relief. He says that if there is a foetid smell arising from the excrement, it is a sign of English cholera, as in the Asiatic, the matter ejected is without smell & in colour like rice-water.

The Submarine telegraph to America has just been attempted to be laid but failed owing to the breaking of the rope, on too much strain being put on with the

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brake in a rough sea.

Aug 24. Howard was over yesterday with Bella, he thinks that Rake, Kimber & co are in a bad way, they have built 2 vessels, & have a third on the stocks: he thinks they must go down unless they have 10,000 pounds; Rake, he says has been very much down lately. [12]

Wrightson is gone to be draughtman with them.

J. W. Richardson returned from college at midsummer without taking any high honours, & is now on the continent.

Ed. Richardson, about six month since, went into partnership with Hawthorn in the Blaydon chemical works. J. B. Palmer, at Jarrow is

[12] The yard of the Middlesbrough shipbuilders Rake, Kimber & Co was taken over by Richardson and Duck in 1859. See H G Reid, Middlesbrough and Its Jubilee (Middlesbrough 1881), p.92.

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