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[Page 130]


Saw at once that vertical winding drums would never do, on account of the difficulty of winding, and the tendency of the loose drum to over-run the rope at stopping.

Saw also the difficulty of moving about the anchor –

The plough was the most perfect part, next the anchor – but the winding & engine generally were very imperfect.

Sat[urday]. Dec 19. Went in a good deal to day, had lots of visitors.

Sund[ay]. 20. George is quite a changed fellow: he gets up early lights his own fire in his bed-room, and studys [sic]

[Page 131]

he(,) now always says grace at meals, & reads prayers morning & night[,] goes to bed early, & does not lark with the servants.

In his ordinary deportment however you would hardly notice any thing out of the common.

At Cambridge he reads the Scriptures among the poor, & now & before he went there has a class at St Marg[are]t’s Sunday school _

Henry is the same as ever – positive, flurried when teased, awfully knowing about London matters, not over polite, very little tact &c _

Alt [struck through] Mary, very high spirited, somewhat witty looks very pretty, inclined to be selfish, and quite a slave

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