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all the celebrated pictures. [21]

Was particularly pleased with the modern painters and water colours. There was a fine show of people there & lots of Quakers.

We returned so as to get into Darlington by ½ past 12 & so got a good sleep.

Oct.10th. Sat[urday]. All four boilers on but the leaky one still leaky. It appeared 3 or 4 rivets were loose, & the steam was rushing out. The feed cock was tight now & the boiler held its water, the night before. I set off to N[ew]castle for boiler smiths, whom I got sent off that evening. Also the pipe we wanted, also the studs.

In the afternoon I set off for Redcar to spend Sunday with

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Howard & Pease.

Travelled part of the way with Snowball, who seems to be suffering from dispepsia [sic] just in the same way I did, last Xtmas. I recommended him to change his lodgings.

When I got down to Redcar found Hutchinson, who has got well again, & has taken a 4 months job at Gilkes of Middlesbro’. [22]

Oct.11th. Sun[day]. Strikes me Howard is not an over energetic fellow, he gets up so late in mornings & does not see the value of making use of his leisure time.

Returned to Darlington at 5.30, attempted to find Robert, & went to Station to see boiler smiths, but could not find either, so I re-

[21] This was the Art Treasures Exhibition, opened in Manchester by Prince Albert on 5 May 1857. The exhibition was open for 141 days and attracted 112,940 visitors (See the Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser, 24 October 1857). The Hallé Orchestra has its origins in the orchestra specially formed for the exhibition.

[22] Gilkes, Wilson & Co was established in 1844 and operated the Tees Engine Works. The company began locomotive building in 1847.

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