Pages 42 and 43 of Jeremiah Head's diary

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Diary of Jeremiah Head, railway engineer for Robert Stephenson and Co, part founder of Fox, Head and Co
Head, Jeremiah

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[Page 42]

& you could tell by the chimney, when the man was firing, which was not the case, in the other apparatus I have seen. However Taylor & Fearnley were I understand satisfied.

I had a bathe this morning & after went with Edwin Pease & had an overindulgence? of peaches & plums. I had just got home at 2 o’clock to dinner, when a lad from the Mill came to say something was wrong. I went off immediately with dinner, & when I got there I found No 2 large cyl[inder], cover off, & a congregation of fellows about. One of the buttons of the escape valves had been forced in, the spring had followed, the piston(,) came

[Page 43]

up & bent the piston rod.

There was nothing for it but taking it out, & straightening it, which was accordingly done. The mill was laid off for the afternoon, & the escape valve was sent to the other mill to have a new bottom screwed in. It presently came back, screwed & pinned[.] I got Wilson to take out all the valves to have them pinned, & it was a very good thing I did so, for one of them was cracked half round and would have failed in a day or two. After consulting with Anderson, I came to the conclusion that(,) the valves had better all be put in again: those on the large cyl[inde]r without the inside springs, & in the

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