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had talked about the trap which had been laid for Mick – meaning the explosion affair. I also learned that Fearnley had been walking about the office steps, when Taylor was being questioned as tho’ he wanted to be consulted.

Sat[urday] Oct 24. I sent repeated messages to Jos[ep]h Pease per his son Edward, that I was now only waiting for his word, to leave. He appointed to meet me at his office in Northgate, & there told me that he must have all the overlookers unanimous, & for this purpose he intended calling them together in a week. He also wished to consult W. Parker, & therefore he could not give me his written

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report till a fortnight or so. He would send this & promised me a copy. He was quite satisfied with my report & considered it plain & straightforward, & having viewed from his window the quantity of smoke now made by the chimney & which he seemed satisfied with, I left. I packed up directly & came home by the 1.45 train.

After having unpacked, I went per invitation to Sam Whitwell[’]s to tea, there were a lot of young Quakers there & we amused ourselves with singing & arguing.

Sund[ay] Oc[tober] 25. Dined at Laidler’s & drank tea at Watson’s.

Mrs Dixon[’]s mother at Darlington died last week and most of the Dixon(’)s are

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