Pages 58 and 59 of Jeremiah Head's diary

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Diary of Jeremiah Head, railway engineer for Robert Stephenson and Co, part founder of Fox, Head and Co
Head, Jeremiah

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[Page 58]

and Jack both appeared annoyed at Mick having left his job, which was mate to Wilson, & taken upon himself to mind the engines[.] Altogether it struck me each man[’]s duty was not clearly defined, so I went to Fearnley & told him I should feel obliged if as long as Robert was ill, he would let Jack stick to the engines & fires & do nothing else, nor have any one interfere with him, Mick help Wilson, nor be allowed to do anything else. He agreed & went to the men with me, when in his presence I told Mick, & afterwards the other men. The whole mill was in alarm at this

[Page 59]

occurrence. I daresay it did good insomuch as our management of the engines was contrasted with Mick’s in a manner very much to our advantage. Henry Fell came down & told me if I could persuade Fearnley that Mick could do any wrong I should be a clever fellow.

Taylor also gave his opinion of Mick pretty freely.

I went with Fearnley & Taylor to see a small centrifugal pump erected in a shed belonging to the Board of Health, employed to raise the sewage of the town into a cistern, to be conveyed away in carts. This pump would not work & had been standing 2 months idle[.] I said if I had a spell at it I was sure I could make it work[.]

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