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I learned from him what Preraphaelitism [is] in poetry& painting, & how if a man is only original, it is better always than being an imitator which is certain of failure.

Sat.[urday] 14 Took tea at Tom Whitwell’s[.] Lamb was there; he is a queer fellow, plays beautifully on the concertina & says queer things, but he is rather too noisy for my liking.

Sund[ay] 15. Dined at Mennell[’]s & sent out hosts of invitations to my lecture. Was particularly struck with little Philip Mennell, who is a nice little fellow.

Wednesday 18 Gave my lecture on the North of England, to a middling sized audience. I had been working very hard and only got it done by taking

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two quarter days to complete it. I think folks were generally pleased. Several told me they were of their own accord & two or three times they exhibited signs of great amusement.

After, we had a debate on the Indian war, whether it was caused by misgovernment or not. Bob Watson made a first rate speech, got very eloquent, & commanded the attention of the audience. Last Friday Dave. Richardson sent to the works for me to go & see if I could do away with the smoke of their boilers.

I went, examined the place & made a sketch, of a plan admitting air behind the bridge

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