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now building 2 pair of eng[ines] with 90” cyl[inde]rs & a very short stroke, vertical, 108 tons on each piston, & 25 on each motion bar. Crow [13] thinks they will not answer well.

The Jarrow docks are progressing fast, D. Richardson & I went down to see them a week since.
C. Beale, is now at York in the service of the N.E.Rwy Co as architect.

Tom Whitwell, came to our works, about 3 months since – he is a very willing, hardworking & good-natured fellow & I think is sure to get on. He is rather looked down on by some young fellows because he distributes tracts, & will wear his Quaker’s coat.

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[August] 24th Mond[ay]. Tomorrow morning I start for Rothbury to stay first with the Dixons & then the Watsons. I have a fortnight’s leave of absence.

Sept 5. Just returned from Rothbury. 6th. Was recalled by a letter from Wallan saying that the Peases were still dissatisfied with the Darlington engines & that it had been arranged for Bob Anderson & myself to go over, take charge of the engines for a month or so, & try if we could not reduce the consumption of fuel: I start tomorrow.

Henry Mennell says concerning coals, that there are no steam coals in Durham, that all the steam coals, are called Hartley, & the house coals

[13] The engineer George Arthur Crow was Head Manager at R Stephenson & Co.

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