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for old Edward Pease.

She is a stout pleasant woman of about 60, & her daughter was with her who knew me as a child.

By & bye old Neddy came in, shook my hand & said he had often wanted to see me. He is a remarkably fine pleasant well-informed old man 90 years old & as brisk as most men of 70. He talked a deal about the Stephensons &c & invited me to call any time. I was delighted to have made the acquaintance of a man so celebrated in the history of railways.

Oct 2nd Fr[iday]. Had a good deal of trouble this morning with the mercury boxes at the mill: the holes had been drilled thro’

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where they should not have been, & were bad to stop up. Also the valves at bottom were not tight. We have at last got most of them fettled but have not enough mercury. They do not fully prevent the smoke. They reduce it I think to half, but I hope we shall do better than that when they have got fairly to work.

Today I have been tracing the diagrams(,) to put in a book & give to the Peases.

Young Edward has returned.
Oct 3, Fri[day]. [19] Went down to Mill before breakfast, and agreed with Robert to have bricks replaced in furnaces, at 2. Went to N[ew]castle. Crow said it was his & Weallen’s wish that Robert took the

[19] 3 October 1857 was a Saturday.

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