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[Page 82]

they got on(,) three other spring boxes, thus finishing one side.

A company was lately formed for taking coals from the Tyne to Paris in(,) peculiarly long & flat bottomed screw steamers. The first one of them the “Emperor” was wrecked on the coast of France last week. [24] George Armstrong who used to work with me in the marine erecting, was chief engineer, and was brought on shore half drowned, he is at present in the hospital. This would seem to determine that it is not possible to build vessels for river & sea purposes both. A great deal of excitement is going on just now, about a carpet bag which was found on one of the buttresses of Waterloo

[Page 83]

bridge, containing the bones & parts of the flesh of a human body, also the clothes. It was murdered – that there were several stabs in the left side & some in the shoulder & other parts of the body. The clothes are foreign make. No clue has as yet been discovered.

Wed[nesday] 21. Oct. Got all the other springs on valves. They do well[.] Have also tried one of the bottom syphons on the connecting rod of No1 high press. cyl[inde]r. It got warm however & in the evening I got Mr Hackworth to come down & look: he recommended that the hole should be made 3/16 the wire twisted like a rope, & that the brasses should be kept close. He admired

[24] Reported in the Newcastle Courant, 16 October 1857.

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