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Mond[ay]. Jan[uar]y 11. Am taking walks with Rasche at night & talking German; find it improving & very pleasant.

Tue[sda]y Jan[uar]y 12 Crow has put a spring on the governor of the saw mill engine, and it acts well; you cannot tell any difference in speed between all work on & all off.

Wed[nesday] _ Jan[uar]y 13. Have been denting? again at nights, & intend to continue till I have finished the job.

Thursd[ay]. Recd a letter from J Fowler in which he gave a sketch of an arrangement for driving the windlass from the very front. This is a good idea and I intend to draw out a new arrangement with

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it, as it will simplify it considerably & by taking off the fore-carriage, a great part of the windlass may be put under the boiler.

Frid[ay] Jan[uar]y 15. Began my new arrangement hearing that Stephenson would be down tomorrow.
Rec[eive]d a letter from Mr Burrell in which he would prefer having a man to work on 32/- per wk, for a time as journeyman, & then promote him, if suitable with £2. I showed Foggan the letter, & he agreed to take the job. I wrote to that effect.

A lot of our men rec[eive]d a fortnight[’]s notice to-day & a general reduction of 9/6 in the pound takes place in wages.

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