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night. One of them we put in at breakfast time, for the vacuum had gone down to 22 in No 2 condenser: the old escape valve had broken almost in two, & if we had run another hour with it, I believe it would have gone into the cyl[inde]r. So after all it is a lucky thing we broke down the other afternoon, for if we had not, we should either have had to lay off till new valves could be made, or else we should have gone on & had a much worse accident.

Sept 22 Wed. [struck through] Was at a do, at Edwin Pease[’]s, in the evening it lasted from 8.30 to 4. It was a sumptuous repast, we amused ourselves by dancing in the round house singing songs &c. Howard was there.

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Sept 23d Wed[nesday]. Did not get up til 9.0 on account of going to bed so late. Made a regularity diagram of 84. & arranged to take diagrams off engine at Low Mill tomorrow. Went into two rooms in that mill & had a long talk with Metcalf.

Found on trying the 2nd fire door which was just on, that the valve at bottom of mercury box was not tight & wrote off to Crow for a rose cutter; also to Harle for money, enclosing Anderson & Wilson[’]s time.
[The following section rendered here in italics is scored through]
Septr 24 Th. [struck through] Thurs. The coals we are using run up the bars, thus running at breakfast time we had to take the brick of 2 sq ft of two of the fires. When this was done & the bars cleaned all went

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