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[Page 134]
The trial was very satisfactory – it is beyond a doubt, the plan which will have to be followed, the only thing was, we had not any means of hauling in the slack on the reel on the plough: - but I clearly see the windlass difficulty is now over. I have been scheming several improvements which I have explained to Mr Allen Ransome and Warby _

Albert came home to day he looks very pretty, & intelligent, & altogether a nice little fellow _

Warby is a very polite man to me; as indeed are they all. Biddel also seems a nice unpretending [struck through] unostentatious man: but [struck through] Balk [underlined] as far as I can

[Page 135]

judge, is not sufficiently practical, and from the contentedness he expressed with the present state of the plough I don’t fancy his productive powers are very brilliant [struck through] we shall get many new ideas out of him.

Wed[nesday]. 23. Checked over the dynamometer in the shop found it incorrect in the lower weights but tolerably correct in the higher ones _ The average pull of the 5 furrow plough was 10 ½ cwt and the maximum in going up a hill 1 in 5 was 17½ cwt_

Thurs[day] 24 We ploughed field opposite our house on the Whitton Road, upon which cavalry & artillery had been practising for 8 years

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